Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango

Learn to dance Argentine Tango

with Anthony Howell - professionally trained dancer (Royal Ballet) and creator of Tango Schumann and Tango for Balance

Tango is a wonderful dance that is at the same time simple in its basic structure and complex when danced with a mastery of its technique. The lovely music features the bandoneon and a small "orquesta" - or orchestra. It is a partner dance which can be improvised using the skill of "lead and follow" which is actually a fusion of movement created by the partnership. All over London and around London there are gatherings to dance tango socially called "milongas" - so it's a great way of meeting new friends. It is best to come with shoes which allow you to pivot, on the ball of your foot.


Special Christmas week call-out.

The Room is hosting a marathon tango practica, from Christmas Eve until Friday 27 December 2019 - Call 0208 801 8577 to book entry time (essential!). You can stay as long as you like but be prepared to share - the format is a practica! Thirty-three feet of sprung dance floor! I'll let you in, show you how to use the sound system, and will stay and dance if you'd like a partner. Average volume tangos are not heard by the neighbours.

Contact:  Anthony 0208 801 8577


To book or for more info, contact here.

Master how the tango is danced from the basic elements to full synchronisation with your partner. Move together with confidence and ease, having developed an authentic sense of musicality. Experienced dancers will be encouraged to gain greater fluidity and an increased vocabulary of movement. During the classes, we provide details of the London salons where couples can go to enjoy dancing.

Your Teacher - Anthony Howell

A former dancer with the Royal Ballet, Anthony is nominated for this year’s Lucas latin dance awards as a teacher of tango. In 2001 he received a £6000 LADA bursary to study the tango in Buenos Aires. He founded Tango Art in 2002, whose work has been seen at The John Thaw Memorial Studio Manchester, The Ikon Gallery Birmingham, SKC, Belgrade, The Place, London, Chisenhale Dance Space, London. Anthony has danced with Tango Code at River Tango 2006 and in Tango Extravaganza 2007.  Anthony also dances with Lindi De Angelis as Tango Schumann in art galleries and cultural centres (

The Room is also available for practice £15 per hour – reducing to £12 an hour for multiple sessions. Private Tango Lessons with Anthony: £30 per hour.