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New Workshops at The Room 33 Holcombe Road N17 9AS –


Technique towards a theme.  With Lindi De Angelis and Anthony Howell


Three hour intensive workshops twice a month.  £30 per person

(REDUCTION! £50 if you pay in advance for 2 workshops).


Starting Saturday January 14 at 2 pm-5.30

Next:     Saturday January 28 at 2 pm-5.30


Two 1½ hour sessions plus a break with refreshments.


Strictly no beginners!



This series of twice monthly Saturday workshops will run throughout 2012. 

Every month there will be a theme, so by the end of the month you should feel that

you have reached a new level so far as the subject is concerned.  Themes for the

year include: musicality, sacadas and back sacadas, giros and enrosques, volcadas,

colgadas, milonga and vals, voleos and ganchos, close embrace, nuevo etc.


There will always be general technique exercises to do – which you should aim to

perfect during the year – and then specific exercises concerning the monthly subject. 

Women’s technique is focused on as well as technique for men, and during the

workshops women are given as much to work on as men.


Because these workshops are designed for those who are serious about improving their

dance,  homework will be set, to encourage you to practise, and every second workshop

will include a review of the work we did in the first workshop.  And we don’t intend to just

talk at you!  There will always be time to practise and dance the ideas in during and after

the workshops.


Some of the best dancers in London have developed as a result of working at The Room,

London’s only laboratory for tango.  Guest teachers will also be leading workshops on

Sundays throughout the year.  We believe that to dance tango well it is necessary to

develop a tango body and a tango sensibility.


Theme for January:  Musicality  (the structure of tango music, dancing fast and dancing slow,

traspie and syncopation, towards a more powerful groundedness, rhythmic ornaments and

‘grace notes’ for the ladies) 


We advise beginners to attend our beginners’ class at 7 pm on Thursday nights, which is

followed by our regular class for improvers at  8pm-9.30    £8 or £40 for 6 lessons.


Once a month, we intend to offer an intensive Beginner’s Day – details to come.


The Room is also available for practices £15 per hour – reducing to £12 an hour for multiple sessions.


Private Lessons at £40 per hour – reducing to £30 an hour for multiple lessons.


A former dancer with the Royal Ballet, Anthony is nominated for this year’s Lucas latin dance awards

as a teacher of tango. In 2001 he received a £6000 LADA bursary to study the tango in Buenos Aires.

He founded Tango Art in 2002, whose work has been seen at The John Thaw Memorial Studio

Manchester, The Ikon Gallery Birmingham, SKC, Belgrade, The Place, London, Chisenhale Dance Space,

London.  Anthony has danced with Tango Code at River Tango 2006 and in Tango Extravaganza 2007.

Lindi has taught at The Dome and at various venues around London.  She obtained her BMus in Dance

in 2004 and her PGCE in 2005 at the University of Cape Town. She has been studying and performing

Argentine Tango since 2002. She has performed in various South African productions including Tango

Experience, All you ever wanted to know about tango, but were too afraid to ask, Pulcinella and 

Guardian of the Flame. Her passion for dancing to classical music is embedded in her training as a

solo classical percussionist since the age of 12.

Lindi and Anthony also dance as Tango Schumann in art galleries and cultural centres (


Anthony and Lindi (of Tango Schumann) at Tottenham Tango

Learn to dance the Tango with Anthony and Lindi on Thursday nights

at The Room 33 Holcombe Road N17 9AS  - Victoria Line or Overland to Tottenham Hale

Beginners 7.00-8.00

Improvers/experienced dancers 8.00 - 10.00

£8 drop in - practise afterwards or £40 for six week course, paid in advance on first lesson.

Private lessons: £30  for one hour £50 for 2 hours.  Private lessons can be shared between people.

Everything is carefully explained!
Master how the tango is danced from the basic elements to full synchronisation with your partner.
Move together with confidence and ease, having developed an authentic sense of musicality.
Experienced dancers will be encouraged to gain greater fluidity and an increased vocabulary of movement.
During the classes, we provide details of the London salons where couples can go to enjoy dancing.


Anthony and Lindi

Lovely sprung dance floor

Fully air-conditioned

Huge collection of tango CDs

Easy transport connections

Nuevo, Traditional and Adagio grooves,

all fantastic to dance to.

Bring your own drinks







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