Wudang Tai Chi Chuan

Wudang Tai Chi Chuan

Beginners Tai Chi Classes

Every Saturday
Starts September 29th

Please register your interest as spaces are limited.
Saturday Morning: 9.00am - 10-00am
£45 for 6 weeks.

Advanced Pushing Hands

Saturday Morning: 10-00am - 11.00am
(By interview only)
£45 for 6 weeks.
Drop-in price £9.

Albert St Catherine

Albert has over 25yrs of martial arts experience and has been training in Tai Chi For over 14yrs. He has competed many times in both British and international competions and holds many Titles and Gold Medals in Hand Form Pushing Hands and Weapon Forms.

To book or for more info, contact us here: 0797 341 7872

Tai chi is a self defense based system known for it's health benefits. This traditional style of Tai chi has it roots set firmly in the past originating from Wudang mountain. The system embraces the five main components of Tai Chi: Hand Form, Pushing Hands Drills, Self Defense, Weapons Forms (Spear, Sabre, Sword) and Nei Gung. Each part helps develop and cultivate body and mind.

Why Tai Chi?

Tai chi is a martial art discipline that practices some of its movements slowly teaching you and allowing you to understand where your weight is and how to transfer that weight smoothly and with control. These kind of movements strengthens and teaches you balance, awareness of body alignment and posture among other things. Coordination movement, control, good timing are the qualities Martial Artist strive for in their training and it is these very qualities that are needed in life.

The Beginners Tai Chi classes suit people of all ages and abilities.

Visit our Timetable for details of all classes happening at The Room.