The Weather – Tuesday 15 November – Wednesday 14 December.

Luke Howard invite

Luke Howard’s 250th anniversary

A study of cirrus clouds by Constable

The Room is proud to present:

The Weather Exhibition


(The link above opens to full details of the anniversary programme, including a children’s performance art event)

The Weather Exhibition opens at the Room on Tuesday 15 November 6-9.30 pm. It closes on Wednesday 14 December.

The show at the Room will include James McBey, Albert Marquet, John Arnesby Brown, Algernon Newton, Johann Geyer, Paul Mitchell, Martine Ormerod and Anthony Howell, with a movie The Most Beautiful Shadow of a Doubt by Sandie Macrae –

2020 10mins – showing upstairs.

Viewing by phone appointment after the opening.

Plus Tuesday 22 November – The Poetry of Clouds – at the Room, 7pm-10pm – An open mike reading for poems and texts inspired by the weather and the clouds. Generous slots. All welcome.

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